International Legal Forum “One Road: Investments and Law in Asia and Russia”


International Legal Forum
“One Road: Investments and Law in Asia and Russia”

The main purpose of the forum is cooperation of Russian lawyers with 
Asian lawyers and exchanging with experience and legal projects/clients.
The forum will focus on issues of investments, sanctions, WTO and 
international arbitration cases, investments in major infrastructure 
projects in Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

The speakers of the forum are recognized experts in the field of law:
Ambrose Lam (Hong Kong),
Abdul Rahman Bmh (Singapore),
Gerard Morada (Philippine),
Kaviraj Singh (India),
professor N.A. Morozov(Rosneft),
and prominent Russian advocates
professor I.V. Zenkin(Moscow), M.V. Maxim Tafintsev,
E.V.Evgeni Bogomolov(Sankt-Petersburg),
Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Korean advocates.

The Forum will be attended by the heads of the legal departments of 
companies from enlisted on Fortune 500, senior partners of top law firms 
and judges of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Asia and the 
Middle East, State Duma of Russia deputies, Ambassadors of the Asian and 
the Gulf countries.

The official partners of the forum among others are

Indian National Bar Association (New Delhi)
Institute of the State and Law of Russia
Supreme Court of Russia
Global Association of Chinese-⁠⁠speaking Lawyers (China)
International Asian Arbitration Center (Malaysia)
the State Duma of Russia
the Administration of the President of Russia
Senate of Russia

The Forum will start at 14 of May 2018, 08:30
at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, 4, Neglinnaya street, Moscow.

The Russian-Asian Lawyers Association was established in 2016 to 
strengthen cooperation between lawyers from Russia and Asia and other 
regions of the world.
The main goal of the Association is the implementation of specific legal 
projects and organization of cooperation between lawyers of Russia, 
China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, 
Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries of Asia.
The Board of the Association includes:
• Legal representatives of the large state-owned and private 
corporations from Russia, CIS countries, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, 
Singapore, UAE and India;
• Heads of the largest international arbitration courts at Asia
• Senior Partners of Russian and Asian law firms (more then 100 member’ 
law firms).

The Association annually holds legal and investment conferences in Asia 
and Russia.

Please confirm your participation calling us at
+7 (495) 211-41-88 or by e-mail at

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